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  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_211218020054397.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_211218020103812.jpg

Size W 230 x 1600 cm

A collaboration project of MookV and the architecture department of Louis Vuitton Paris to develop a new design concept for LV store at ICONSIAM, a “cross pollination” of influences between LV and Thai local artist and designer, MookV.

The “River of Kings“ is 20 meter long textile artwork features mixed media of various traditional handicraft techniques—including appliqué embroidery, hand weaving and crocheting—as an homage to life along the river.

Bending and curving along the ceiling feature, the spirit of the majestic river just outdoors from the boutique is captured and brought inside, extending the river into the space, in defiance of gravity and time.

The appliqué sections are ornamented and stitched together from various Thai fabrics to create a texture of Thainess with the colour scheme reminiscent of the Chao Praya River from day to night, when glittering lights reflect off the water's surface.

Materials embody meaning, with fishing line representing the fisherman's way of life, woven together with brass chains as totems of richness and grandeur, their inverted shapes reminiscent of temple stupas. Sequins and metallic lurex yarns also evoke the ornate and colourful Buddhist temples perched harmoniously alongside the river. A delicate incorporation of used cassette and VCR tape into the weaving yarn represents echoes of joy and entertainment as part of the harmonious “cross pollination” concept.

CROSS POLLINATION Brass sculpture, 2018

  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_211218124547631.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_211218124555144.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_211218020132337.jpg

A collaboration project of MookV and the architecture department of Louis Vuitton Paris to develop a new design concept for LV store at ICONSIAM, a “cross pollination” of influences between LV and Thai local artist and designer, MookV.

Commercial trade along the River brought people from all walks of life, and new ideas took root in our soil. Locals learned new things, developed novel tastes and incorporated many new experiences into the fabric of etiquette and traditions. Imagine our feet firmly in the past, marvelling through a window at this modern spectacle, recognising familiar elements among the costumes, cuisine, and new homes and buildings that are, still today, designed in colonial-style architecture, stately evidence indeed of a cross-cultural marrying of designs, patterns, and motifs, thriving as a hybrid on its own.
Another example of cross pollination from the Thai kitchen, these brass utensils normally used as stencils for making another Thai delicacy are arranged into this sculptural art piece to form an infinite array of convex shapes and circles.

Les Corones sculpture, 2018

  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_211218022213500.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_211218022218280.jpg

Ornate head dresses are worn to ceremonial events by women and men and are an essential costume element for Thai traditional dance performances. We wanted to add a modern touch to the traditional form leaving traces of history and honouring the sophistication and beauty of this identifiably Thai sense of style.

Sky Dancers, 2018

  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_211218011333604.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_211218011340317.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_211218011346356.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_211218011353654.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_211218011400841.jpg

Inspired by the colourful kites of Thailand, this appliqué piece popular pastime enjoyed in the court of King Rama V, and as far back as the Sukhothai era. A balletic dance is captured mid air against the dusky heavens of early evening, with tales of entangled limbs stretching out far below.


  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_211218013608446.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_211218014807215.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_211218014815234.jpg

Technique : Handwoven mixed media incl. lurex, natural and synthetic yarns, monofilament, sequins
Size : w 4 x h 2.5 m.

Woven in weft-face technique, MookV intends for the different materials to seem as if they have melted into one another—simultaneously and irreversibly—while crafted on the loom. The end result is suggestive of different liquified metals leaking into one another to create ripples and reflections.

Rugby School Thailand

  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_201217012614302.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_201217012625101.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_201217012635588.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_201217012649604.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_201217012659505.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_201217012710346.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_201217012725969.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_201217012737182.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_201217012747832.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_201217012757659.jpg

Our late King, H.M. Bhumibhol Adulyadej, will be remembered as a lifelong patron of education and the arts. His tremendous genius was expressed in his mastery along eight different areas: a philosopher educator, languages, sports, photography, fine arts, innovation, music, and science. We hope that future students will learn about and appreciate His Majesty's teachings and example. All of our artwork concepts that we present are inspired by His Majesty's intellectual proficiency and myriad accomplishments demonstrated throughout his 70 year reign.

Tongsai Bay

  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_260617095229505.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_260617095240877.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_260617095253945.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_260617095301516.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_260617100150611.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_260617100208314.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_260617100219428.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_260617100227449.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_260617100251776.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_260617100257364.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_260617100312458.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_110717124542732.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_110717124607890.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_110717124622428.jpg

All the artworks created for Thongsai Bay resort inspired by the beautiful surroundings of the property and the philosophy of sustainable living.


Modena Hotel at FYI

  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_150716111423391.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_150716111434123.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_150716111444956.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_260617103735667.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_260617103755175.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_260617103802635.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_260617103813190.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_260617103953789.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_260617103959313.jpg

The new building complex our works are located in is right across the road from a well-known fresh market. Life around the market was our inspiration, as vendors and shoppers often utilized the Tuk-Tuk for transportation. Vibrant colours and sensations around the market imparts a distinctive personality to the neighborhood.

These two pieces are at opposite ends of the room are balanced in a way that suggests the monochromatic Tuk-Tuk has momentum going towards the colorful region.


  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_260617103905703.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_260617103919364.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_260617103924138.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_260617103931770.jpg

Venue Rama 5 by SC Asset

  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_150716104230524.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_150716104246524.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_150716104337914.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_150716104351514.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_150716104407962.jpg

Residential project, designed for an owner with strong passion for arts and crafts and appreciation for handicrafts. The floral headboard is done in appliqué technique and inspired by crochet and macramé works.

Art Stage Singapore 2016

  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_020216043943668.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_020216043953333.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_020216044004768.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_020216044022848.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_020216044049637.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_020216044116621.jpg

NESTSCAPE is a large-scale mixed media fabric artwork created especially for Art Stage Singapore 2016 by prominent Thai artist and designer Ploenchan Vinyaratn. She is a graduate of Central St. Martin's London in Woven Textiles.

The NESTSCAPE Art Stage entrance piece transports the viewer through a partial tunnel framed by arching wings. As a continuing concept of her previous series Womb, channeling the transition from the warm safety of the uterine nest into the sensory cacophony of the outside world, a hand-stitched explosion of colours and sensations leading to emergence into freedom.

Mook's signature appliqué technique forms the core of NESTSCAPE's entire structure.

Size: W4.5 x L6.9 x H4.5 m.
Technique: Applique, printed and embroidery

Centara Watergate

Recycled textile: made from fabric scraps

Starbuck Embassy

  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_100915105024134.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_100915105044678.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_100915105112400.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_100915105122133.jpg

Coffee Journey
"Coffee Journey" weaves the tale behind a cup of coffee from its origins as a seedling at a plantation, to harvesting the coffee cherries, to roasting of the beans and finally brewing at the coffee shop.

Size 1.80 x 7.20 sq metres

Applique and needlework technique in which patterns or representational scene where smaller pieces of fabric are affixed to a larger piece with contrasting colours or textures.

Centara Udon Thani

  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_100713053740281.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_100713053722886.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_100713053700454.jpg

Applique textile art: Inspired by ancient Ban Chiang pottery excavated from a local UNESCO World Heritage Site in Udon Thani Province.

Size: 4 x 4 meters

Le Meridien Chiang Mai

Applique textile art:
Made from handwoven cotton fabric found locally in Chiang Mai. Concept: Inspired by traditional northern flags Illustration by: Be Our Friend Co., Ltd

Nagaworld Hotel & Entertainment Complex, Phnom Penh

  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_120713041815373.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_120713041823844.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_120713041841303.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_120713041855447.jpg

Developed a peacock-inspired series of 24 hand-stitched and hand-embroidered applique wall art pieces for VVIP Public Area and Duplex rooms.

Sizes: 3.1 x 2.6 meters, 1.2 x 1.1 meters, 1.1 x 1.4 meters, 75 cm x 2.6 meters

Slow Hand Exibition at Milan Furniture Fair

  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_100713054542586.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_100713054534291.jpg

Commissioned artwork, this applique wall art piece was inspired by Ban Chiang Pottery

Size: 2 x 2 meters.

Hansar Bangkok

This 4 x 6 meter hand-stitched and embroidered three-dimensional textile art wallpiece was created by Beyond Living, based on a sketch of Krachow Sita (Aristolochia indica) by illustrator Pomm Jitpratuk.

All the cotton and silk fabric used in this artwork is sourced from Her Majesty the Queen’s SUPPORT Foundation (The Foundation for the Promotion of Supplementary Occupations and Related Techniques). The Krachow Sita is a flowering creeper vine found attached to tree trunks in the forests of Thailand and is also a popular ornamental plant. The nuance of femininity is evocative of Sita, the avatar of Lakshmi and the embodiment of perfect womanhood in the Ramayana epic; she is the lover and soulmate of the epic’s hero Rama, incarnation of Vishnu.

Park Ventures Ecoplex

  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_100713055625247.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_100713055636753.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_100713055653726.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_100713055615218.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_100713055702632.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_100713055811950.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_100713055823387.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_100713055837383.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_100713055849190.jpg

Created according to the client's “The Vital Oasis for Victors” concept
: Inspiring
: Proactive
: Caring
: Reliable
All the materials used are recycled and reclaimed industrial waste generated during the construction of the building.

Intercontinental Samui

  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_120713020920302.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_120713020649864.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_120713020934329.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_120713022835588.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_120713022850882.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_120713022903272.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_120713022925206.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_120713022939331.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_120713022946604.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_120713023004146.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_120713023023684.jpg

All accessories, artwork, and styling developed and implemented for full refurbishment of the old Baan Taling Ngam Resort as the new Intercontinental Samui.

Wall artwork / Maison et object 2014

  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_010915102236242.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_010915103239309.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_010915103527605.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_010915103030995.jpg

SACICT's latest collection to make its debut at Maison et Objet 2014, Ramakien Rhythms, was conceived from elements of time-honoured traditional Thai dance. From the glittering costumes of likay, to the spooky mystique of Pii Ta Khon, to the pageantry of Khon masked dance, inspirations from these cultural treasures have been incorporated into innovative designs and forms for unique accessories and furnishings to enhance the modern living space with an elegant and colourful flourish of Thai performing arts.

Wall artwork / Maison et Objet 2013

  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_250814012203146.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_250814012212569.jpg

Hand-stitched appliqué and embroidery
Very Thai collection, inspired by design elements at the Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

Wall artwork / Maison et Objet 2012

Hand-stitched appliqué and embroidery
Wall art developed as part of collection based on Hill Tribe Jewelry.

Vana Belle Samui

  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_250814011845480.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_250814011835387.jpg

Hand-stitched appliqué and embroidery wall art for Vana Belle Samui resort. Inspired by fish fins & peacock feathers.


  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_010915112314487.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_010915112614773.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_010915112839937.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_160915035145996.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_160915044713395.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_160915044808995.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_160915045135609.jpg

This set of three sculptures were created using fibreglass resin technique as "functional artpieces" that mimic marble in weight and finish, customised to the outdoor space they reside in and able to be utilised as seating.
Technique: Crafted from marble-like fibreglass resin
Size: W 125 x L 250 x H 95 cm. / W 50 cm x H 50 cm. / W 55 cm. x L 80 cm. x H 60 cm.

Golden Branches
Decorative wall art / bookshelves
Technique: cast brass
Size: W 1.902 x H 1.10 x D 30 cm

Plaza Athenee Bangkok

  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_090915042146105.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_090915042159454.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_090915042209352.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_090915042220371.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_090915042232210.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_090915042242545.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_090915042251795.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_090915042308740.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_090915043826664.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_090915043837428.jpg

Textile wall art, Floral concept decorative wall art and sculptures.

Applique, print and embroidery

Textile Art / Applique

  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_160915041815237.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_160915041829697.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_160915041839183.jpg

Applique textile, artwork commissioned for private collection in Pakchong, Thailand.

Love Birds
Size W 120 x L 120 cm

Royal Poinciana
Size W 80 x L 200 cm

Textile Art / Applique

Undying Love
The Love of Father and Daughter Applique textile artwork, commissioned for private collection in Bangkok, Thailand.

Size: 1.10 x 2.40 meter

Royal Projects Market, Central Embassy

  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_170915115424219.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_170915120158186.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_170915120207732.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_170915120214809.jpg

Sufficiency Living
Concept : The Royal Project at Doi Aung Kang
Technique: Applique

size: 80 x 200 cm.

Wonderfruit 2015

  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_020216045520338.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_020216045548296.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_020216045614810.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_020216045636852.jpg

Phi Ta Khonare ghosts of the revered fertility festival of the same name, held annually
in Loeiprovince in Thailand's Northeast Isanregion. The colourful spirits of our Phi Ta Khon
inspired flags keep an observant eye over all the joyful revelers of Wonderfruit.

Wall art in residence

  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_220316041323133.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_220316041402383.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_220316041413344.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_220316041420885.jpg
  • http://www.beyond-living.com/uploaded/content/image_220316041432915.jpg

Material: Stainless
Size: 150 x 130 cm.